Safe, Accurate, Productive & Proven Underground Core Drilling. DDH1 are committed to continued growth of the underground business.

Our emphasis is on personalised service to design and deliver accurate drilling programmes that achieve our client’s targets. We are confident that with advanced drilling equipment, on-rig spatial software and highly experienced personnel, that we can deliver optimal results.

Rig Specifications and Capabilities

  • Turntable & track mounted (diesel powered tramming & set-up)
  • Automated diamond rod handling
  • Automated drilling & laser trip sensors
  • Predictable directional drilling
  • Reversible feed cylinder
  • 700 and 1300 KN feed frames
  • 75, 90 and 110 KW power packs
  • Hole inclination +90 to -90 degrees
  • LTK and wireline coring
  • Ore definition and geotechnical holes
  • Pressure grouting
  • Deep exploration (1500m NQ)
  • Multi-branch directional holes
  • Utility and mine service holes
  • Orientated core
  • Directional software
  • Gyro non-mag surveying
DDH1 conduct drilling operations throughout Australia